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How to Eat String Cheese: Facts, Tips and Fun!

In celebration of National String Cheese Day on September 20th, our team of cheesemakers at Baker Cheese wanted to share the best kept secrets about how to eat string cheese.

Do you string it? Do you bite it whole? Add a little salt and pepper? What recipes should you try? Keep reading to learn more.

The Best Ways to Eat String Cheese

Amongst string cheese aficionados, there are many disputed ‘best ways’ to eat string cheese. Over the years, our team has heard of many common, family favorite, and straight-up strange methods for eating string cheese. Which is your favorite method?

Simple Stringing Method

This tried and true way of eating string cheese is the basic, straightforward peel-and-enjoy method. String cheese is inherently stringy and, as a result, lends itself well to slowing peeling and enjoying each little bite.

String Cheese Shapes

If the standard peel-and-eat method is not quite enough fun for you, some serious string cheese eaters have crafted their own peeling methods. The result? Animals, objects, and more, created from string cheese! Try your luck at these options:

  • String cheese octopus
  • String cheese snowflake
  • String cheese lion
  • String cheese people


Eat String Cheese Whole

Some people are all business and eat string cheese in big bites. Why waste effort stringing it when it’s so easy and delicious to bite whole!?

Cut Up With Charcuterie

Did you know? String cheese is a type of artisan cheese. Baker Cheese string cheese is handcrafted with the knowledge and experience of master cheesemakers using a traditional mozzarella cheese recipe. Our award-winning string cheese pairs well with a charcuterie board and your favorite crackers, antipasto, and dips. Cut it up, stack it with prosciutto, or use it in your favorite Caprese salad. The posh possibilities are endless!

String Cheese and Cocktail Sauce.

If you ever visit the Baker Cheese Country Cheese Store, you’re bound to hear people talking about a Baker Cheese family favorite; string cheese dipped in cocktail sauce. Trust us when we say you have to try it! When you do, you’ll be hooked!

Master Cheesemakers Know Quality Cheese

Cheesemakers know every detail of the string cheesemaking process. At Baker Cheese, in less than 48-hours, a master cheesemaker takes farm fresh milk and transforms it into delicious fresh string cheese. Our innovative cheesemaking process results in a consistent "stringiness" that is synonymous with Baker String Cheese.

What makes string cheese stringy? You can learn more in this article.

Through years of innovation and experience, Baker cheesemakers have learned to use the latest technology in the cheesemaking process to create a delicious and consistent product. From 20,000 lbs cheese vats to stainless steel stretching equipment and a temperature-controlled salt brine; every detail is precise and focused on quality with every string. It’s why we’ve been awarded at prestigious cheese competitions both nationally and globally dating back to 1981.

This focus on quality is why Baker Cheese was also awarded the 2020 Dairy Plant of the Year by Dairy Foods publication, and why Baker Cheese earned a place in the Dairy 100 for 2020, a list of the largest companies and cooperatives in the North American dairy industry. A focus on customer service and exceptional products has allowed Baker Cheese to see success and continued growth over the years.

“Our team of cheesemakers and all of our dedicated employees are passionate about our cheese,” stated Jeff LeBeau, master cheesemaker at Baker Cheese. “Our unique and award-winning flavor profile is truly a testament to our amazing local dairy farmers, our hardworking cheesemakers, and our exceptional employees in every department at Baker Cheese.”

We hope you enjoyed these facts and tips and we wish you lots of good cheese on National String Cheese Day!

Baker Cheese is a fourth-generation, family-owned, string cheese manufacturer located in St. Cloud, Wisconsin. Through generations of innovation, we have maintained the key elements to create exceptional, award-winning natural string cheese.

If you are interested in purchasing Baker Cheese products, visit our Cheese Store page, or contact us to learn about our private label opportunities and the benefits of being a part of the Baker Cheese family, where quality is our family tradition.