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The Dairy 100: Baker Cheese Named to Top 100 Dairy Producers List

Baker Cheese is no stranger to awards and recognition. As a fourth-generation, family-owned business, Baker Cheese has been manufacturing award-winning cheese for more than 100 years in St. Cloud, Wisconsin.

But this year, Baker Cheese’s inclusion in Dairy Foods’ Dairy 100 is a new and prestigious recognition for the company.

“Our team is proud to have been included in the Dairy Foods’ 100,” said Brian Baker, president of Baker Cheese. “As a leading string cheese manufacturer, this shows that our commitment to serve our customers and drive innovation in the industry is being recognized.”

What is the Dairy 100?

The ‘Dairy 100’ is an annual list from the Dairy Foods publication, which ranks the 100 largest public and private companies and cooperatives in the North American dairy industry.

2020 marks the publication of the 27th annual list. The data is based on 2019 revenues, or the most recent revenue data available. The information is gathered from the company’s represented, publicly available information regarding revenues, or estimated based past revenues and research.

Dairy Foods serves the dairy industry, offering magazines, eNewsletters, websites, events, continuing education, and market research. The publication provides detailed reporting on the technologies, trends, issues, and technical considerations necessary for dairy business success.

String Cheese Manufacturing Growth

Over the decades, string cheese has grown in both popularity and flavor sophistication. Baker Cheese has remained a consistent leader in mozzarella string cheese production, adding new flavor profiles to their award-winning string cheese varieties. From smoked to jalapeno, twist to whole milk mozzarella, string cheese is continually evolving, and Baker Cheese is a major force behind the growing innovation.

“For the past few years, we’ve undergone tremendous growth, with an expansion of our manufacturing facility and adding new capabilities to our product offerings,” added Baker. “We are supporting not only the growing demand for string cheese and innovation within the industry, but we are also proudly supporting local Wisconsin farmers and milk producers, something that has always been very important to us.”

The continued growth and demand for Baker string cheese is based on a consistent, quality product that is continually recognized for its unique flavor profile.

Moveover, Baker Cheese was recently awarded the 2020 Dairy Plant of the Year by Dairy Foods. As one of 12 dairy processing plants throughout the United States nominated for the recognition by Dairy Foods, Baker Cheese received the most votes in a five-week-long online promotion.

Baker Cheese Products

Baker Cheese is proud to offer several string cheese flavors and sizes for local and private label customers. In addition to regular, light, and smoked varieties, Baker Cheese offers jalapeno, organic and additional varieties for customers.

What’s to come in 2020?

“We are always innovating and looking at new flavors and sizes,” stated Baker. “There’s no shortage of ideas and innovation amongst our cheesemakers and employees, and we are excited to see continued growth and flavor variation in the years to come.”

Baker Cheese is a fourth-generation, family-owned, string cheese manufacturer located in St. Cloud, Wisconsin. Through generations of innovation, we have maintained the key elements to create exceptional, award-winning natural string cheese.

If you are interested in purchasing Baker Cheese products, visit our Cheese Store page, or contact us to learn about our private label opportunities and the benefits of being a part of the Baker Cheese family, where quality is our family tradition.