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Fresh Milk Matters

We partner with local Wisconsin farmers along with licensed milk haulers to ensure the freshest and highest quality milk will be delivered daily to our plant.

Fresh milk sourced from local Wisconsin farmers

Our Award Winning Baker String Cheese Recipe

Although we have always been an innovator, our core process remains true to the use of high quality natural ingredients and an experienced staff to produce our consistent, award winning mozzarella string cheese.

Making String Cheese

Stretching it – Yes, this is why our cheese "strings"

Through generations of innovation, we have maintained the key elements to create true, natural string cheese that began with hand stretching our mozzarella into ropes and continues today with the highest quality, stainless steel stretching equipment to allow for the consistent "stringiness" that is synonymous with Baker String Cheese.

Wisconsin String Cheese Manufacturer

Cool it down

We use temperature controlled salt brine to finish the last steps of "locking in" the freshness of our traditional string cheese production without having to ever freeze the product.

Cooling down the string cheese

Sealed for freshness NOW

We package our string cheese in vacuum sealed packages immediately after it is cooled down to ensure the freshness of each stick. Our string cheese is "made to order", which guarantees that only freshly made string cheese is shipped from our facility each day.

Packaging fresh string cheese

You’ll taste the freshness

Our process was designed so that we can offer you a great tasting, high quality, fresh string cheese. Interested in tasting it for yourself? Pick some up at our cheese store.

Visit our Cheese Store