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Baker Cheese Expansion Featured in Cheese Market News

Baker Cheese takes pride in offering consumers and private label partners with an exceptional product and customer service. These areas of focus will only continue to grow with the recent expansion at Baker Cheese in St. Cloud, Wisconsin.

The expansion includes an added production line, which will allow two streams of milk to be processed and packaged in the cheese plant at the same time, allowing Baker Cheese to offer more variety and capacity.

This added growth and focus on supporting the expanding needs of customers generated interest from Cheese Market News. As such, Baker Cheese was featured in a story highlighting the expansion and how it supports the cheese industry.

Here are just a few of the article highlights:

  • As the demand for string cheese evolves, Baker Cheese now has the capacity to do smaller and more varied runs to meet customer demands. This includes new flavors, like the award-winning jalapeno string, smoked string, and new flavors in development.
  • Additionally, the expansion will allow Baker Cheese to offer more package sizes for customers, like single-serving sizes, 1-inch “minis,” rope cheese (often used by pizza manufacturers in stuffed crust) as well as organic, whole-milk and kosher varieties.
  • With the production area complete, the company has started on the second phase of the expansion, including smaller-scale updates to the office, employee service, and other areas.

Read the full story on the expansion in Cheese Market News now.

This expansion is part of the ongoing growth and enhanced product offerings that helps Baker Cheese retain its position in the marketplace as a high-quality, industry-leading string cheese manufacturer. With a master cheesemaker at the helm of operations, and new varieties and sizes to offer, Baker Cheese will only continue to see growth and success into the future.

“We’ve built our reputation on manufacturing consistent, high-quality string cheese,” says Brian Baker, president at Baker Cheese. “Our ability to make award-winning string cheese starts with our high-quality services and our company mantra that ‘every stick matters.’”

Baker Cheese is a fourth generation, family-owned, string cheese manufacturer located in St. Cloud, Wisconsin. Through generations of innovation, we have maintained the key elements to create exceptional, award-winning natural string cheese.

If you are interested in purchasing Baker Cheese products, visit our Cheese Store page, or contact us to learn about our private label opportunities and learn more about the benefits of being a part of the Baker Cheese family, where quality is our family tradition.

Baker Cheese Expansion Complete