Baker Cheese began in 1916 with the purchase of a small cheese plant by Frank Baker.  The plant is still located at its original location and has gone through many changes over the years.

When the plant began in 1916, it produced cheddar longhorns, daisies and 80 lb. cheddars.  By the 1930's the plant could convert about 15,000 lbs of milk per day into cheddar cheese.  It was also at this time that Frank's son, Francis, began learning the cheesemaker's trade. 

In the autumn of 1941, Francis enrolled in dairy school in Madison, Wisconsin to become a licensed Cheesemaker.  Francis brought the knowledge and experiences from the dairy courses back to Baker Cheese to continue the growth of the cheddar business.   By 1944, Francis had entered the Navy because of World War II.  By this time the plant was producing cheddar blocks and had increased the plant to 40,000 lbs of milk daily and the need to expand had come.  Through correspondence with Francis while he was in the Navy, Frank began the first expansion of Baker Cheese.  Francis returned from the Navy in 1946 and the company continued to grow their cheddar business through the early 1950ís.

In 1957, Frank and Francis made the decision to change their plant over to a full mozzarella plant because of the rapidly growing demand of mozzarella cheese.  They began producing 5lbs loaves and 40lbs blocks of mozzarella and continued to add capacities to the plant to handle the growing demand of their high quality cheese.

Throughout the 1960ís and early 1970's, Baker Cheese became more focused on retail sizes of mozzarella cheese and began fulfilling customer's needs for more specialized packaging of these retail sizes of cheese.   By this time, Frank had retired and the third generation of Baker family had become involved in the business.

By the mid-70ís, the company began experimenting with a new product called string cheese.  String cheese was a product of mozzarella cheese that had some creative properties that allowed the cheese to "string" if it was prepared properly.  Baker Cheese began creating innovative ways to produce this wonderful snack cheese.  The product was quickly becoming a very popular cheese to serve at parties or for consumers looking for a tasty, quick, healthy snack.

Over the last 30 years, Baker Cheese has focused on continuing its tradition of creating the highest quality string cheese.  In addition, the company has developed a wide range of packaging options for single servings of string cheese to meet consumer demands of convenience.

This tradition, that had its humble beginnings in 1916 by a single Cheesemaker, continues its Wisconsin cheesemaking heritage now into its fourth generation of a family owned and operated facility.



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